Good Boys – Martin Braithwaite scores to donate!

Good Boys – Martin Braithwaite scores to donate!
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Martin Braithwaite, the 25 years old Danish football player of Toulouse FC, promised to donate 1000 euro after each goal he kicks this season. He joined as forward Toulouse FC in 2013/2014. Martin Braithwaite already scored 6 goals in this season of Ligue 1 (in last one he scored 11 goals in total). Let’s keep our fingers crossed for him to score as many goals as possible.
Martin Braithwaite
Toulouse FC‘s foundation offers support to the initiative of his player by collecting the applications from diverse associations, but Braithwaite is the one who decides where the donation goes. He already started the charity work. His first donation was offered to SOSPREMA to support children born premature and their parents, but he already donated to other associations too (association fighting against children hunger, organisation helping children from Asia, etc.).

Follow his twitter to get informed about his chaity work and offer help in promoting online this great initiative with the #Score2help hashtag.

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